Month: September 2017

World Childlessness Week – Disenfranchised Grief

This is my first ever blog post on this website and I am honoured to be able to write it in support of the first ever World Childless Week (11-17 September 2017). World Childless Week was created by Stephanie Phillips with the aim of de-stigmatising childlessness, helping people dealing with involuntary childlessness to feel less isolated and alone, and to raise awareness so that friends, family and wider society are educated about involuntary childlessness and its consequences and can therefore provide better and more appropriate support. “Being childless not by choice should not be a taboo subject; so let’s find our childless voice and together raise awareness and understanding.” – Stephanie Phillips You can find out more about World Childless Week by following the below links: On Facebook: On Twitter:  #WorldChildlessWeek #WCW   Grief Comes In Different Colours Grief is something nearly all of us will experience at some point in our lives and most would agree it’s one of the most traumatic and harrowing of all emotional responses we can go through. Many of us feel that we know instinctively what grief is, and yet pinning down a single definition of grief is almost impossible. The various definitions available online and elsewhere may resonate more or less depending on your own personal experience, but here are a few of the top ranking results from my own internet search....

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